Monorail Crane
Monorail Crane
Monorail Crane
Ürün Stok Kodu:
Mensei: made in Turkey
Kaldırma Yüksekliği Lifting Height: 1-20 meters (or above)
Kapasite Capacity: 500 kg-16 Ton (Standard)

Monorail CraneMonorail Crane

Beta Crane Systems designs, manufactures and installs Monorail Crane Systems for your business.

Monorail Crane systems are the ideal system for lifting and transporting the product on a fixed line. By definition, a monorail is systems that travel with the help of wheels that provide movement over the flange at the bottom of the I profile. For single rail systems, the trolley is mounted on the lower flange of the beam or rail. The lifting machine provides movement on the rail-line with the help of the wheel and the motor.

As Beta Crane Systems, we manufacture manual use (crane and trolley manual) monorail systems, trolley motorized crane (trolley manual crane electric) or fully motorized systems.

Our monorails are designed with various material options that best suit your capacity and budget to best meet your material handling needs. For smaller systems up to 1000 kg, we use closed rail (c-ray type) or profile systems. We use cost effective steel profile cranes for medium tonnage monorail systems and non-return systems. For larger capacities we use box beams made of high sheet metal.

  • Ceiling supported systems are the most commonly used systems to maximize floor space.
  • If your building structure is not enough to support the system, there are also floor-supported monorails.
  •  Single beams allow flat or curved areas for greater flexibility
  • Locks and / or keys are common in monorail crane systems to easily switch from one system to another
  • Monorails are widely used in paint lines, assembly lines, production processes, loading pools and wastewater treatment plants.


  • Multiple crane options: manual chain hoists, electric chain hoists and electric rope hoists
  • Freestanding monorail or ceiling mounted monorail designs.
  • Capacities from 500 kg to 15 tons
  • Complete systems with straight monorail or return-radius and interconnections.
  • Manual trolley or fast motor trolley options.
  • Monorail Powerbar Electrical systems
  • Hook Swing Controlled options or Remote control systems
  • Available in special application systems including food grade, explosion proof and clean room monorail systems.


  • workshops
  • Paint Lines
  • Material handling
  • Assembly lines
  • Production facilities
  • Food production

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